Harmonized index of consumer prices according to the COICOP nomenclature, with base year 2015, per year, trimester and month
The special aggregates have been revised as of January 2017. They are now calculated based on the lowest level (COICOP 5 digits) instead of the next-to-last level (COICOP 4 digits). The special aggregates for 2017 will still be calculated based on the next-to-last level (COICOP 4 digits).
Date : Last 2 Year(2019, 2020)
HICP Index Inflation (HICP) HICP Index at constant tax rates Inflation (HICP at constant tax rates)
2019 107.77 1.3% 106.37 1.1%
2020 107.96 1.2% 106.55 1.1%
Source: Statbel (Directorate-general Statistics - Statistics Belgium)